Gold & Jewelry Buying

Did you know you could sell your old jewelry for cash at M. J. Reed Jewelers in three easy steps? If you have unwanted gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver coins, gold coins, silver jewelry or silver flatware. We will provide you with a free quote to turn it into cash. Our prices are based on current market value.

Your friends at M. J. Reed Jewelers understand that selling your engagement ring can be a sensitive and emotional decision. Our staff is understanding and sensitive to each client’s situation and will work with you in a respectable and confidential way to ensure the process is as smooth as possible

Step One:
M. J. Reed Jewelers has been buying gold and diamonds from the public for 119 years. We welcome walk ins with open arms, no matter how large or small quantity, our friendly staff will sort your items to tell in a timely matter.

Step Two:
Our educated staff will examine each item for metal purity and weight to determine the scrap value. Stones or Diamonds within items will be examined and considered in the final offer. No appointment is needed, and the process generally takes ten minutes or less.

Step Three:
Once our offer is accepted we will write you a check on the spot. You walk away with cash in your hand. We also offer generous credit values, used same as cash, to use toward a purchase or repair in our store. Stop in for a free estimate or contact us if you’re from out of town. We are looking forward to helping you!

Precious Metals
M.J. Reed Jewelers will purchase 24K , 22K, 18K white or yellow gold, 14K, white or yellow gold, 10K, 9K, Dental gold, Platinum, Sterling silver jewelry, Sterling Flatware, Silver coins, Gold coins, and bullion.

Precious Gems
M.J. Reed Jewelers will buy Diamonds and precious gems. Our GIA educated staff will examine each stone to be sure they are free of scratches and chips, and will be added to the final offer.

What can I do with my old Jewelry?

Sometimes, the value of a piece is more than its scrap value. Here at M. J. Reed Jewelers, we offer you a variety of options.

When you bring in gold or diamonds to sell, we can always offer you in-store credit to spend on something you like more, or to repair another piece of jewelry. This store credit will almost always be more than the cash value of the pieces.

Another option is diamond trade up. The value of your old diamond can be applied to the purchase of a larger or higher quality stone!

A third option to consider is resetting your old gemstones. Sometimes a new setting is all that is needed to give a piece new life, or a more contemporary feel.

Whether you choose to sell, trade in, or reset your jewelry, our staff will work with you to make the process as pleasant and smooth as possible.