Picking a Setting - Precious Metals

Stacking Rings in 14K Gold

Fine jewelry can be made of any number of precious metals, and which one you choose depends on budget, color, and desired properties.


Silver is the least expensive of the precious metals. All silver jewelry is made out of sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver. The remaining metal content is added to give it durability. The color of the metal is silvery-white. Silver is a great option for budget conscious fine jewelry, or high quality fashion jewelry. Over time, sterling silver will tarnish, but it can always be polished back to a like-new shine with silver cleaner or a buffing cloth.


Gold is the most popular fine jewelry setting, and can come in a variety of purities and colors. The purity of gold is measured in karats, where pure gold is 24 karat. Many jewelry settings are made out of 14k gold, which is 58% pure gold, but settings also come in 10k (41% pure), and 18k (75% pure). Gold is naturally yellow in color, but because all gold jewelry contains some percentage of other metals, its color can be changed. White, yellow, and rose gold in 10k, 14k, and 18k are thus all possibilities for jewelry. Gold will never tarnish, but white gold may yellow over time, requiring occasional rhodium re-platings.


Platinum is another precious metal option. It is generally denser and harder than gold, and used in greater purity, allowing for the creation of very durable settings. Platinum is a silvery-white metal, which will not tarnish or fade.

Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow GoldDiamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
14K Yellow Gold Ring set with Diamonds14K Yellow Gold Ring set with Diamonds
Topaz Ring in 14K White GoldTopaz Ring in 14K White Gold
Diamond Pendant in 14K White and Rose GoldDiamond Pendant in 14K White and Rose Gold
14K Rose Gold Ring set with Diamonds14K Rose Gold Ring set with Diamonds

Why Precious Metals?

Over the past few years, there have been many different metals and materials offered as alternatives to traditional precious metal jewelry – for instance, titanium or tungsten men’s wedding bands. While they can be a less expensive and scratch free alternative, they come with their own pitfalls. Over time, your hands change shape, and accidents happen. Titanium, and other exotic materials, cannot necessarily be resized, nor can they be cut off in the case of an emergency.

At M. J. Reed Jewelers, we only offer precious metals. These metals are tried and true, providing years of beautiful luster and adaptability. They can be resized, remade, and in the case of an emergency, can be cut off the wearer’s hand without harm.

Our precious metal rings are entirely environmentally sustainable. Old gold, silver, and platinum rings are melted down and recycled to make new pieces every day. Even the tiny gold particles generated from casting and repairs are carefully collected and sent to be recycled. The gemstones set into our rings are entirely conflict free. When you wear a ring from M. J. Reed jewelers, you can be sure you are wearing a quality piece of jewelry created through environmentally sustainable practices.